• christy salvant

Mid-Year Reflections

Today’s content is about reflection. Reflection - (1) the (return) of light or sound waves from a surface. (2) serious thought or consideration.

Lets think about that word for a moment. Reflection. As the end of the first half of the year approaches, how have you done so far? Are you satisfied with the progression of your goals? Are you still on track or are you stuck? You have two options, you can go harder and improve even more or you can pick yourself up and try again. Just DON’T STOP! At the beginning of the year I created a vision board with some home girls and made some promises to myself regarding how I want to see the next 40 years of my life play out. As I reflect back on these past few years I see a lot of mistakes and things I took for granted. My goal is to make every day count and encourage others to do the same. It’s not too late us. We can still get a degree, get married, have children, start a new career, buy a house, start a business or whatever else your heart has set out for. just have to make the first step. What steps will you take for the remaining half of 2019?


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