• christy salvant

It’s NOT over yet!

So, the end of the first half of 2019 is near and I have been a horrible spender. I had such high hopes for planning and budgeting during the month of December. Preparing myself for a fresh start.....well, somehow I didn’t stick to the original plan and just been buying up everything!! Anywho, plan to start over for the remaining half of the year and create a better budgeting plan for my household. Stay tuned for my June Report Card. It’s not going to be pretty but the ugly part is what motivates can start with me if you’d like...

if so, let’s start by calculating your monthly income vs monthly expenses....THEN print your bank statement for the month of June. Lets see how well you spent for the month...if you went over budget that’s ok...we have July and the rest of 2019 to finish with a bang. If you don’t have a budget please create one. Everyone should have a budget, an emergency fund, savings account (that you don’t have to touch) and some play money. Start small.....start doesn’t matter just START!

Who’s with me?


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