• christy salvant

I did WHAT?!?

“Hello July! How the hell are ya! Oh, really? That’s am I? Oh, well I’m glad you asked!” So as I told you in my recent post. I was going to tackle my spending habits once and for all. I pulled my bank statement and all I can say is....I’M SO EMBARRASSED! Ready for this? I spent a whopping $3213.00!! Yes, you read it right! Three thousand two hundred thirteen dollars and ZERO cents! Clearly I lost focus from the vision board I created back in January. I’m so upset with myself right now! I just had everything all planned out! How about that for transparency? Anywho, I’m determined to make this years end a big deal. I’ll be 40 this year and I need to get serious about my future and retirement. So, with that being said. I WILL go hard these last 6 months and start by spending $1000.00 less this month than I did last month. I think it can be done considering I spent way too much on dining out. Sorry, I’m a creature of convenience and now that my sons are older..I tend to cook a lot less now. But, not anymore. Time to get my ish together and make this budgeting thing a way of life. I’ll let you all know how I do 30 days from now. Chow!


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